Email Marketing for ​Busy Retailers

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You're a retailer. Not an online marketer.

I've seen it many times...

Retailers spread so thin they can barely keep up. ​They know they should be sending emails to their ​subscribers. Yet, there's not enough time in a ​day.

So they ghost their subscribers. Or, they send ​emails only when they are running a big ​promotion.

      • I mean, you wouldn't call your friends only when ​you're asking for a favour, would you?


Let me help you

Hi, my name is Natalie.

You love doing what you do. So do I.

I help small businesses increase sales and cultivate ​​connections with email marketing.

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The truth is, marketing is easier when ​you have an engaged email list.

The most successful long-term businesses are the ones that ​own their audience.

Promotions? Send emails.

One of my brick-and-mortar clients ran a ​sale and grossed 6X a normal weekend ​with emails.

New products? Send emails.

One of my eCommerce clients launched a ​new collection with 96% of launch revenue ​from emails. (even thought the brand has ​over 20K followers on Instagram)

More emails = more revenues.

Emailing your fans consistently means ​your store stays on top of their mind.

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Get more customers and boost your revenues

That's what email marketing can do for your business.

Let Happy Camper handles your email marketing so that you can ​focus on other parts of your business that only you can do.

First, I seek to understand your business ​and your customers. Part of the process is ​to conduct an email audit to spot quick ​wins and opportunities.

Then, we work together to come up with ​an email marketing plan designed for your ​business and your brand that support your ​promotion schedule.

All emails are approved by you before ​being scheduled so you know what your ​subscribers are getting.

Email Marketing Services

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Marketing strategy

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Em​ail Audit

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Em​ail Automation

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Mi​gration to Klaviyo

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Email Campaign ​Management

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Em​ail Deliverability

Happy Camper executes your email marketing plan with best practices such as:

Crafting relevant and ​engaging email ​campaigns sent at an ​optimal cadence.

Creating nurture ​sequences that speak ​to your customers at ​every stage of their ​journey ​(and deliver ​sales on autopilot)

Leveraging ​personalization for ​higher engagement to ​build trust and loyalty.

Analyzing ​and segmenting the email list for ​the most impactful ​communications

A/B testing to optimize ​and maximize your ​results based on what ​we see in the data.

Managing your list ​with care and respect ​to turn casual ​subscribers into loyal ​fans.

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